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, and sonoma county, santa rosa. current numbers, 50s in san francisco. 57. san jose 58. livermore 62. cooling trend has dropped off quite a bit. today the coolest day of the weekend. recovery over the next few days. increase in winds for the bay area hills. north bay hills, east bay hills tonight into tomorrow morning. midnight to 10:00 a.m., 20 to 30 miles per hour. we don't have wind advisories in place but you will notice an increase. closer to the surface, temperatures dropping off. patchy frost out there, especially in the north bay valleys here. santa rosa 37. napa 36. lots of 40s to start out monday morning, san francisco, san jose 43 degrees and lots of 40s towards livermore and antioch. san jose tomorrow starting out the day 7:00, 43. lunchtime 60. lots of sunshine for monday and afternoon high upper 60s and temperatures trending up over the next few days. after a cold start tomorrow morning with patchy frost, we have a freeze warning for parts of mendocino, lower 30s. san francisco 65 degrees. hayward 68. more 60s. warmest locations in the 70s, livermore, gilroy. santa cruz upper 60
've had shower activity. 38degrees in santa rosa tomorrow for the low. it'll be colder in some of the inland bay valleys. this sets up for a warming trend as we go wednesday through friday. temperatures in the bulk of this week are going to get back into the mid-60s. maybe everyone some upper 60s. oakland downtown, overnight 28 degrees and you wake up in oakland 28 degrees that's cold for the kids heading to school and you heading to work. 68degrees around lunchtime and mid-60s as the day progresses. the five day forecast then with your bay area weekend in view. cold mornings the next couple of mornings as we've been seeing and temperatures start to come up a little bit. then we have halloween showing up here on thursday. and the weather looks good. we'll take a closer look at halloween because it's a big one. daylight savings is this weekend. we're going to change the clocks back. but for this halloween we'll have a little more daylight as the trick or treaters go up. the temperatures will trend down a little bit next week. >> so look out for the goblins. >> in the old days w
. beautiful friday afternoon. we had upper 70s. look at santa rosa. 78 degrees for daytime high. that wind advisory will go into effect as we head into tomorrow night late into the early morning hours on monday. so we're looking for the windy conditions to be mainly in the hills. to stick around for about 36 hours. remember last week, just a week we had those significant major winds. this should not be on that scale. this should not be on that scale. that was a big deal event. this was more of a -- warrants a wind advisory. we'll watch it for you. rosemary will be here this weekend. tracking the wind event. tracking it now using the latest computer model. tomorrow morning, 8:00 a.m., winds are light and variable. winds start to focus. clock out of the north- northwest. watch this, late tomorrow night into the early morning hours you start to seeing 30-mile an hour winds, 32-mile an hour winds. these are gusts now. we'll be watching that for you. the winds mainly in the hills. east bay hills. hills of the north bay. this is the mechanism for the winds. this is also the mechanism for the coo
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3